American companies are suffering decreased employee engagement, resulting in stagnated innovation, lost competitive edge, and missed revenue goals.

In just 30 days, maximize your workforce's happiness, productivity, and engagement with the best online employee engagement course

Our mission is to help companies and individuals set engaging values that will increase happiness, and motivation, bolstering innovation and productivity.

U.S. Employee Engagement Percentage

  • Engaged Workers
  • Disengaged Workers

According to The Engagement Institute, disengaged employees cost organizations over $500 billion annually

Our Capstone Course: From Job to Calling in 30 Days

Course Content

Our course includes a wide variety of topics that will assist individuals in leading a productive and joyful lifestyle that will transcend to the work floor.

Here are but a few of many topics that will be discussed:

  • Finding your Why
  • Energy and Motivation
  • Willpower and Consistency
  • Goal Setting

Charter Your Life

We have years of project management experience and have realized that industry principles carry plenty of application in our personal and professional lives. This is why we created the Life Charter to accompany our capstone course.

It is an exercise handbook that has 6 Sections like the course, which you fill out as you progress through the course.

How Will Our Course Benefit Your Company?

Improved Efficiency

Employee well being leads to maximized productivity

Lower Turnover

Engaged employees are more likely to stay at the company saving you a fortune on hiring costs

Incredible Culture

Implement a company identity that leads employees towards positive values

Work Environment

Establish an energized and creative work environment that motivates your work force to perform at maximum capacity